Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review for First Test (9/25)

Things to know and/or review for the upcoming test on 9/25. This test will be in our regular classroom (RL #1039). You will not be asked questions related to the discussion on 9/20.

DO NOT e-mail me and ask me for the answers to these questions. You have the information. If you do not, look at the blog or talk to a classmate.
  • Define "information" and "information technology."
  • Draw or describe the information cycle. Be sure to include various sources of information and the timeframes for when they become available following an event.
  • From "Signs of the Times" Video:
    • List at least one important historical development related to the dissemination of information.
    • Discuss at least one prediction that an "expert" made that did in fact become true (or did not come true)?
  • Library Lingo (You do not need to know the trivia facts about Randall Library. Focus on the "lingo" only).
  • What is the difference between "misinformation" and "disinformation"?
  • Describe "media literacy."
  • Discuss why instructors are concerned with students using Wikipedia.
  • Use the CRITIC model to evaluate a website or article.
  • Have a basic understanding of the Internet and search engines:
    • Is the World Wide Web the same as the Internet?
    • What is the "Deep Web"?
    • How do search engines work?
    • When you are searching Google, what exactly are you searching?
    • Why is it useful to search multiple search engines?
  • Describe one Google tool that you or a classmate presented in class.