Thursday, April 23, 2009

Extra Credit

All extra credit is due by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow (Friday, 4/24) without exceptions.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reminder: How the Final Factors Into Grade

As you add up your points on the right side of your grade worksheet this equals your current grade. If you add up all your points and that equals 70 points, that is your current grade. A 70 = C.

You do not add up all the points and average those out of 90. Again, there is no "average" in this grading system.

If you were to have 70 points, you should take the final to try to get 10 more points to put you at an 80 which would equal a B.

So again, you add up all your points on the right side of your grade worksheet and this gives you your current point total which is your current grade. The final exam (if you take it) will add to that point total which will improve your grade.

But again, there is no AVERAGE in this system. You do not average your current grade out of 90. You add up all the points you have and use the system below to determine your grade:

A 90 - 100 Points
B 80 - 89 Points
C 70 - 79 Points
D 60 - 69 Points
F 59 Points or less

Absences and Grades

If you have missed more then 3 absences check your UNCW e-mail. I've sent you a message regarding this.

I plan on grading your final annotated bibliographies during the next couple of days and should be able to send you an individual e-mail by Saturday afternoon with your final grade.

If you have specific concerns please e-mail me ( before then.

Friday, April 17, 2009

PowerPoint from Yesterday

The .ppt from yesterday's discussion about intellectual freedom and Internet safety is online: .ppt

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Next Week

If you are SURE you do not have to take the final you do not need to attend class on Tuesday (4/21). It will NOT count as an absence if you do not need to take the final and do not attend. We will be reviewing for the final exam that day.

The final exam will take place during your regular class time and room on Thursday (4/23).

If you are unsure about whether or not you need to take the final, please let me know (after class or via e-mail:

Reminder: Your grade is not based on an average. You should add up the points that you have to determine your current grade. You cannot "make up" for absences with extra credit. Those points (10 points per absence after 3 absences) should be deducted after all your points (including extra credit) have been added.

Extra Credit (2 points)

Even if you are not in class today you can get extra credit by completing a survey. Please follow the directions carefully. Even if you do not need extra credit I would appreciate you completing this survey.

1) Save this Word document to your computer: Survey (.docx) or (.doc)

2) Complete the survey being sure to save changes periodically. Questions that say, "Please check one" can be completed by putting an "X" next to the appropriate response. Do not put your name on the document.

3) Save your completed response.

4) E-mail the survey as an attachment to

5) If the completed survey is received by Noon tomorrow (Friday, 4/17) you will receive 2 points extra credit

6) Your responses will not be associated with your name and will remain anonymous

7) If you saved the Word document to a library or UNCW computer please delete the document from the computer

Clips from Class

These are the clips we viewed in class about some of the "information issues" affecting libraries:

Information Literacy:

Digital Divide:


Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Office Hours on 4/13

I will not have my usual office hours on Monday (4/13).

As always you can e-mail me with any questions you have.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reminder: News Reports

As your final news report (#5) is due on Thursday (16th) here are some reminders:

- Be sure that your news story is relevant to the class. It must be about libraries, the Internet, or information technology (not just any type of technology)

- Be sure to include all information about the news story (title, date, publication, author, url, etc.)

- Be sure it is a minimum of 250 words

- Be sure to include a summary and your reaction

Monday, April 06, 2009

Finding Sources for Part IV of Bibliography

Today in class we'll discuss (briefly) how you can find books and government documents for the next part of your bibliography.

You can use any combination of books and government documents.

To find books in Randall Library:
  • Use the library catalog (Library website - "Search Catalog")
  • Try searches such as "scholarly communication" if "scholarly communication crisis" doesn't work
  • Look to the left for icons that say "Reviews & More"

To find books at other libraries:

  • Use the WorldCat database (Library website - "Search Catalog" - "WorldCat" on right side of page under "Other Searches")

To find book reviews:

To find previews of books in Google:

To find government documents:

  • Use the library catalog (Library website - "Search Catalog")
  • If you do not see a location for an item, click on the Title (it may be a government document available online)

Information Overload .ppt

The .ppt for our discussion about "information overload" is online: .ppt