Thursday, April 16, 2009

Extra Credit (2 points)

Even if you are not in class today you can get extra credit by completing a survey. Please follow the directions carefully. Even if you do not need extra credit I would appreciate you completing this survey.

1) Save this Word document to your computer: Survey (.docx) or (.doc)

2) Complete the survey being sure to save changes periodically. Questions that say, "Please check one" can be completed by putting an "X" next to the appropriate response. Do not put your name on the document.

3) Save your completed response.

4) E-mail the survey as an attachment to

5) If the completed survey is received by Noon tomorrow (Friday, 4/17) you will receive 2 points extra credit

6) Your responses will not be associated with your name and will remain anonymous

7) If you saved the Word document to a library or UNCW computer please delete the document from the computer