Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Find CDs

There was a question from the notecard activity on Tuesday about how to find CDs.

The easiest way to identify a CD is to go to "Find ..." - "Music & Audiobooks" in the top, left corner of the Randall Library website: This allows you to search or browse.

Once you have a call number you'll go to the cabinets of CDs on the first floor of Randall Library. These are closest to the DVDs. You'll see call number ranges on the outside of each cabinet. Match your call number to the drawer that has your call number range. Keep in mind that sometimes CDs are missing so you can always ask for help at the Circulation Desk.

Review PowerPoints: Extra Credit on Final Exam

If you are interested in earning extra credit on the final exam (or because you are interested in learning something new!) review the following PowerPoints:

1. Information Overload (Open or Download)

2. Information Issues: Part I (Open or Download)

3. Information Issues: Part II (Open or Download)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Info from Archives and Government Documents

1. Archives

When we visited our Archivist and asked her about the cost of parking tickets early in the university's history, she said that she didn't know but would find out. And she did!

She says, "The first mention of parking fees was in the 1963-1964 student handbook. The fee was 25 cents and it was refundable if plate was returned in good condition. The next year it went up to 30 cents."

You can see the student handbook from 1963/64 online: Click on "Read Online" and enter search terms in “Search Inside.”

2. Government Documents

The Prezi provided by the Government Documents Librarian is available online:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tuesday's Class is Cancelled (11/20)

We will not have LIB 103 this coming Tuesday (11/20).

News Report #5 IS still due by 12:30 on Tuesday. See the syllabus for other upcoming due dates.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Recent PowerPoints

You can view or download the recent PowerPoints we went over in class:

1. How to Find Full-Text (Open or Download)

2. Classification Systems (Open or Download)