Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Classroom Location - only for section #001

As we talked about today, the test (this Thursday) will be held in your regular classroom in Leutze.

After Thursday, we will meet in the Library Instruction Room (RL #1039) for the remainder of the semester with 2 exceptions:

March 28 (meet in Leutze)

April 11 (meet in Leutze)

I will update your online syllabus accordingly.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Lecture slides and Lingo page

Now that the library website has changed, the web addresses for the lingo page and the PowerPoint slides have changed. The following are the new addresses for the material that will be covered on your test:

Library Lingo: http://library.uncwil.edu/web/research/topic/lingo.html

Overview of Libraries .ppt slides: http://library.uncwil.edu/web/instruction/lib103/Overview%20of%20Libraries.ppt

Organization of Information .ppt slides: http://library.uncwil.edu/web/instruction/lib103/Organization%20of%20Information%20and%20Citations.ppt

Classification Systems .ppt slides: http://library.uncwil.edu/web/instruction/lib103/Classification%20Systems.ppt

Controlled Vocabulary and Boolean Logic: http://library.uncwil.edu/web/instruction/lib103/Controlled%20Vocab%20and%20Boolean%20Logic.ppt

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Updated Syllabus and .ppt slides

Your syllabus has been updated: http://library.uncwil.edu/is/LIB103/syllabus.html

You can find Tuesday's lecture slides here: http://library.uncwil.edu/is/LIB103/Classification%20Systems.ppt

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Assignment #3

We will discuss assignment #3 in class. You are to answer the following questions on your blog. This should be posted BEFORE class starts on 2/28.
  1. How is the word "catalog" defined? (use any dictionary)
  2. Name any catalogs that you are familiar with
  3. What kinds of information do catalogs offer?
  4. How are the catalogs organized?
  5. What similarities are there in the way that this information is offered?
  6. What do the catalogs have in common?
  7. What do they do for you?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Section #001 Meeting in Library on 2/21 and 2/23

This is to remind you that LIB 103 (Section 001) is meeting in the Library Instruction Room (back, right of 1st floor #1039) at 11:00 on Tuesday and Thursday of this week (2/21 and 2/23).

Thursday, February 16, 2006

No Class Today (2/16)

LIB 103 has been cancelled today (Thursday, 2/16). Class will resume on Tuesday (2/21).

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Deadline and Lecture

The deadline for both Assignment #2 and your reading response to "The Information Infrastructure: Libraries in Context" is 10:00 p.m. tonight (2/14). Both Assignment #2 and your reading response MUST be posted ON YOUR BLOG by 10 p.m. tonight to receive credit.

The powerpoint presentation slides for today's lecture can be found here: http://library.uncwil.edu/is/LIB103/Organization%20of%20Information%20and%20Citations.ppt

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Meet in CMC on Thursday

All classes meet in the Curriculum Materials Center (in the Watson School of Education Building) on Thursday