Monday, September 10, 2012

Notes on Blog Posts

As I am grading your first News Report and your first Activity/Reading assignment here are some issues I have seen on a few blogs:
  1. You must include all the information about your news report that is required in the assignment. The url is not enough. As we discussed in class and is posted on a previous post on this blog, you must include: The title of the story, the author's name, the date it was posted, and the url.
  2. Choose a story that you likely will have some reaction to or opinion about. This is HALF of the assignment. The summary is one half and your reaction to/opinion about is the other HALF.
  3. Be sure to summarize the ENTIRE article for your Activity/Reading posts. If you only summarize the first few paragraphs then I can only assume that you did not read the article. I did not make this clear on the syllabus and did not deduct points from your grade. Moving forward however, be sure to summarize the article.
  4. It is extremely useful to me if you name/label your post according to the assignment you are working on: For example:
    News Report #1
    Activity/Reading #1
    News Report #2
    Activity/Reading #2 ...
  5. Use the spell check in Word and in Blogger. I do count off for spelling and grammar issues. This is mentioned on the assignments and on the syllabus.