Monday, October 06, 2008

Reminder: Annotated Bibliography Topic Due

Your chosen topic for the annotated bibliography assignment (Assignment #2) is due BEFORE class on Thursday (10/9). You are to e-mail the topic (see specifics below) to Ms. Pemberton ( before class.

Part 1: Selecting a Topic (worth 2 points)
Choose one of the following topics (below). You will be creating an annotated bibliography for this topic.

· The Digital Divide
· The Impact of the Patriot Act on Libraries
· Information Literacy
· The Scholarly Communication Crisis

Using a web search engine (such as Google), gain a basic understanding of your topic. E-mail your instructor ( the topic you have chosen and a concise summary of the topic (in your own words; minimum 150 words). E-mail must be sent before class on 10/9.