Thursday, October 09, 2008

Extra Credit and Reminders

If you finish the "Finding Book Reviews" worksheet that I gave back in class today and turn it in by the beginning of class on 10/16 you'll receive 2 points extra credit. If you were not in class today and wish to do this, please see me on Tuesday at the end of class.

Reading #3 should be posted on your blog before class on 10/14:

"The Infodiet: How Libraries Can Offer an Appetizing Alternative to Google" by Steven Bell. Chronicle of Higher Education (2/20/2004). [Use library catalog to locate article]. There are specific directions for finding articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education on this blog (scroll down).

Part 2 of the annotated bibliography is due on 10/16 and your database presentations will be on 10/21.

I'll give about 20 minutes on 10/14 as well as on 10/16 for you to work on this but if you haven't been in touch with your group members you should do so.