Monday, November 01, 2010

Search Strategies / Call Number Exercises / Thursday

Search Strategies

In reviewing your "search strategy" worksheets (the exercise that you worked on outside of class about selecting keywords and databases) I'm noticing a trend.

If you are in a database that has one search box you need to put similar keywords (synonyms) in paratheses.

Example: (television or media or film) AND (health or wellness or psychology) AND (teen* or adolescen* or child*)

Think of it like a math formula!

Call Numbers

Today in class we'll be talking about call numbers. To get practice understanding how books are put on the shelf in call number order, you can complete these exercises:


On Thursday we'll meet in our classroom but then will immediately take a tour of the library. If you are late to class you'll need to find us. You will be counted as absent if you do not participate in this tour.