Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Upcoming Extra Credit Opportunities

The following are extra credit opportunities for you:
  • Today, in class, you will briefly see Second Life. If you go to http://www.secondlife.com/ and create an account (which is free) and create an Avatar and explore Second Life (which requires you to download software to your computer) you can write a 250 word summary about your experience and get 2 points extra credit. You can either e-mail me (pembertona@uncw.edu) or post this summary to your blog. You can do this at any point during the semester (as long as it is submitted before 4/23).

There are three upcoming events sponsored by Randall Library. You can choose ONE of these and write a 250 summary of the event to receive 2 points extra credit. Of course you can participate in all three but you can only receive extra credit for ONE of these events. You can e-mail me your summary or post your summary to your blog.