Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blogging 101

Where are your blogs?
  • Click on "Your Blogs" on the right side of this blog. They are in alphabetical order by your last name but only your first name is visible. If you don't see your blog, you probably were not in class on Tuesday and you need to stick around at the end of class on Thursday (8/28) to create one.
Putting text in your blog ("web log") is called "posting."

To post something (a news report or reading report), go to Blogger:

Log in with your UNCW e-mail address and the password you created for your blog.

You should see your blog and a little blue icon that says, "New Post." Click on this.

Give your post a title that will enable me to easily determine what you are posting (e.g. "News Report #1" or "Reading Report #1").

You may wish to type your reports in Word first to utilize the word count and spell check features and then copy and paste that into your post.

Click on "Publish Post" when you are finished. You can always go back and edit a post by clicking on "Edit Post."

Should you ever have trouble with your blog and an assignment is due, e-mail the assignment to me ( and we'll work to get your blog up and running in class. "My blog won't work" will not be an acceptable excuse for not having your assignments submited on time.