Friday, March 23, 2007

Finding CHE Article

Many of you are having trouble finding Reading #3. There are directions below. I want to talk about this in class however. Being able to find an article with only a citation is a very basic skill that I want everyone to know.

- Go to the library homepage and click on "Search Catalog" on the left side
- Then click on the "Journal Title" tab
- Type in "Chronicle of Higher Education"
- Scroll down and click on the link next to "EBSCOHost" (EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier Jan 1999-(last 1 month not available)
- When the EBSCOHost interface comes up click on "2004" on the right side
- Scroll down and click on "Vol. 50 Issue 24 - 2/20/2004"
- It is article #53 (keep clicking next until you get to it)