Monday, February 26, 2007

No Class This Week ... but ....

Hi LIB 103ers,

We will not have class on either Tuesday or Thursday of this week. But ... you have a lot to be working on so use this time wisely.

You should be working on the following:

Assignment #1 (monitoring the news)

Assignment #3 (annotated bibliography)

Assignment #4 (if you were not in class when this assignment was handed out, you can pick up this assignment after Noon on Tuesday at the Reference Desk)

You also have a reading to do. This is listed on the syllabus (Reading #2: "Students Shun Search for Information Offline" (Electronic Reserves). The reading response should be posted before class on 3/13.

Please use this week to work on these assignments.

I'm available through e-mail if you have questions.

Ms. Pemberton