Thursday, March 23, 2006

Announcements and Reminders

  • The 11:00 class will meet in Leutze (old classroom) on Tuesday (3/28) for your database presentations

  • I will not have e-mail access from Friday morning (3/24) through Sunday night (3/26). If you have a question about your database presentation over the weekend, I will respond to you on Monday morning.

  • Database prices: If I am able to get a price for your database I will either e-mail it to you or tell the class on Tuesday. You are not responsible for finding the cost of your database.

  • On Tuesday, I will have a sign up sheet for your final project presentations. Should you wish to present on the last day of class (4/27) you may do so. If you want to wait until our finals day (5/9) you may do that as well. Be prepared to sign up for either day on Tuesday.

  • Course Readings: Make sure you refer to your syllabus to find course readings. If the reading is online it will be labeled as such and you can simply click on the title to get to the reading. If it's a reading that is in the Course Reserve system it will be labeled as such and you can click on "ERes" to get to that system.