Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blogs, Lingo, Lecture, Thursday, etc.

If you have not already checked to see if your blog is working, please do: http://library.uncwil.edu/is/LIB103/LIB103blogs.html

The library lingo learned in class can be found here: http://library.uncwil.edu/faculty/pembertona/lingo.html

The powerpoint lecture from last week is here: http://library.uncwil.edu/is/LIB103/Overview%20of%20Libraries.ppt

Thursday (2/2) we will have a tour of the library. Section #001 should meet across from the Circulation Desk at 11:00.

Assignment #2 is due on 2/7. You must have your assignment posted on your blog BEFORE class time on this date.